Monday, September 21, 2009

God willing and the creek don't rise...

What a mess. When I left for work this morning the little lake in my neighborhood was higher then I have ever seen it, up to the fishing dock. While I was driving in to work in Alpharetta I was getting a bit more concerned. The Noonday creek had flooded, the soccer fields were gone and things were looking pretty bad. I made it in to the office and sat there and listened to the POURING rain for about 5 hours. Rob called and said the middle schools were shutting down so I needed to figure out what was going on with our kids. We figured they wanted to move the MS up to 1:30 dismissal and keep the elementary and high school on their schedules for the buses.

I called Karen to find out what was going on and got no answer. I decided to leave work-allowing for plenty of time to get home for the bus. I got a call back from Karen that she had picked up her daughter and that I should do the same. Streets were closing and blocked by fallen trees. She warned me that the little lake was close to crossing the street...what!?! I decided to hang up when the thunder was hitting before the lightning. At a light I called Rob and warned him to come home then hung up to drive. The amount of rain on the road was unbelievable. It was white-capping on the street and I was throwing a wake behind the truck.

After a few road closures, downed trees and broken street lights, I made my way to school to get the kids. Since the road was washed out I wanted to get them and get back home before the little lake spilled over onto Day Lily, if that happened we would not be able to get back home. Rob had called and told me that he made it home but Day Lily may get flooded soon. I got the kids, took a weird way home and made it before the street got closed off. Not sure how it is out there. I don't think it's wise to be walking around.

Rob did get some pics while we were coming home. I also have video. Karen sent me some more pictures but for some reason they are very small. You should be able to click on them to see better. School is canceled for tomorrow and I am quite sure we won't be going anywhere. More then one neighborhood has a bridge or two washed out-gone-people stuck in their homes. What a mess. The forecast calls for rain for the rest of the week...

This is Mistflower, the lake usually drains into a creek that flows behind our house.

Here is the creek that is usually about 12 inches deep and about 3 feet wide. It stretches as far as we can see and is flooded over the tennis courts.

This is a picture from Karen, it shows the other side of the creek, the first side is in my back yard, the other side is halfway across the club house parking lot. All in all this is about 200 feet wide.

The courts are flooded...we just had them resurfaced a month ago.

another shot of the back yard....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Disney or Bust 2009


Ryan LOVES the huge "rainbows" that greet you as you enter the parks. Her favorite is the one that you see from the main Disney road with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald. I tried to get that one but it didn't come out as good. I have to admit I love these signs too, it means we're there! :)

A few years ago we bought a My Pal Mickey. He talks to you, laughs, tells jokes and lets you know important information as you walk around the parks. He's an interactive wonder and the kids love him. Ryan was the keeper of the Mickey this year and even though some things were lost in translation, we all had a great time with him. This is on the tram ride into the park...he had something to say to Jared apparently. Mickey did have a slight mishap. He decided to stay on the Buzz Lightyear ride after we rode it and had to take a trip to the Lost & Found. We picked him up the next day and all was again right with the world. He is now sporting a new "leash" thanks to Gran. :)

At the train station-look at the bootiful Not-So-Scary decorations!

more decorations, I love Fall in Disney. I would LOVE to see Main Street decorated for Christmas. Put that on my bucket list...maybe someday.

Main Street USA
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coming around the corner off the monorail and hitting Main Street---We're Here!!

Walt and Mickey

On the Jungle Cruise, one of my favorites. Very punny ride.

Be still my heart, it's Goofy!! The kids wanted in on the picture :)

After the boys and I rode Splash Mountain we went back and got Ryan for Thunder Mountain Railroad. She LOVED it. Afterwords, Rob decided to get her on Splash Mountain, I ran to fetch the camera from Gran. She did NOT love this ride. I wish the zoom came out, her face is priceless. Her grip on Rob is deathly and so was her attitude when she got off the ride. Opps, guess no more downhill drops for this little thrill seeker.

All is forgiven after the water ride, time to go find some more attractions.

Donald (Jared's favorite)...can you tell Kevin wasn't into it?

Kevin on It's a Small World, I love this picture. The other one of him holding his ears through the entire ride was funny, but he just looks so handsome in this shot.

Um, Ryan? Watch where you're driving. Just cause you hear the shutter open....

Jared driving solo. Oh dear.

After the Spectromagic parade they have a beautiful fireworks show, definitly worth waiting for in the crowd. I took this shot for mom-purple castle!!

We had a great week but now it's back to reality. Boo Hiss :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I ♥ Faces-Contemplative

This is one of my favorite shots of Ryan ever. This summer we were at the top of Stone Mountain, everyone was running around looking at the views and she was just sitting there. I wondered what on earth was going through her little mind. I think it fits this weeks theme of "contemplative" perfectly...what do you think? Head on over to I Faces for more pictures on this weeks photo challenge.