Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ryan's haircut

This is what we did today...

What a big step since she's been growing it out. She decided that it would take too long to do Locks of Love and I don't think I could have listened to her every morning for 6 more months (at the least!) until it grew out. She got to 6 inches but Locks of Love needs a 10 inch ponytail. Maybe when she's we just need to be able to do something for her dance recital in May...


HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY Grandfather!

Jared, Kevin, Ryan, Rob and Tracey

Wednesday, February 27, 2008




Jared, Kevin, Ryan, Rob and Tracey

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Disney 08--Day 4: Universal and Ripley's

The Picture isn't crooked, the building is...

On the day we were leaving we decided to hit one last stop. The Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. We've all seen them in tourist traps around the globe but Jared is a HUGE fan and this was actually a dream come true for him. He loves weird, disgusting, and bizarre facts so this was right up his alley. His mouth was open in awe most of the time we were in the museum. Ryan was grossed out and Gran was the resident photographer. We had fun and Jared really loved it. Kevin and Rob had no interest in going so they used another day off their 7 day pass to go back to Universal. They had a great time zipping to the front of the lines for a couple hours, apparently it doesn't get that busy first thing in the morning. We had lunch and then back home to reality. When are we going back!?!?! I can't wait til then....

A car build out of match sticks

Ryan and Jared in the big tire

Kiddos in the BIG chair, Jared helped Ryan get up dragging her up by her one arm...

Ok, now this time WE'RE crooked, the weirdest thing ever was this tunnel we walked through to get the the exit of the museum. Quite disorienting...

Disney 08--Day 2:Magic Kingdom/Universal

The Boys went to Universal and the ladies went to the Magic Kingdom for the next two days. Kevin had his camera along so when I find the cord for that I can download his pictures and upload to the blog page. They had an awesome time on all the "big" kid rides. Ryan was happy to just be in the fairytale and I was too. Gran went along for the ride and we all had a blast. The weather the second day wasn't the best, but after a quick ride around the park on the train with a warning call to the boys that it was on the way...the storm passed and we were able to enjoy a much less crowded park. We most most of the rides in the Magic Kingdom, some MORE then once...Gran holds high score in Buzz Lightyear this time...Ryan loved the Barnstormer roller coaster...I loved the Philharmagic and we all loved the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ryan on the monorail going to the Magic Kingdom. In the chair at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.

She loved the rides in the teacups, Gran not so much...Meeting Sleeping Beauty was awesome!

Smile Cinderella! Ariel thought that Ryan looked just like her as a girl, she even had the "jellyfish" hairdo...
A quick picture with Donald for Jared. Mickey Mouse looked right at me, (at ME!) during the parade down Main Street.

Disney 08--Day 1:Epcot

We got to the park bright and early, in time to open the park. After a 10-9-8 countdown we trampled into the wonders of Epcot. We rushed off to the back section where the longest lines are. But they roped off this area until the official 9 am opening time-but they did bring out some characters for the kids to see. We had a front row of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip & Dale, and GOOFY!! Lots of pics and then another to Test Track! Ryan was crying- saying she was scared- but we all know our little zip line queen and test track would be a breeze. After much consulting from Daddy and the brudders she decided to go...and LOVED it. She wanted to ride it over and over again...We managed to hit all the rides, even the big hitters (with the help of fast passes) and Ryan was able to go on everything this time. She had a blast! This is the boys favorite of the Disney parks so there would be no question that they would be happy. We decided to head over to the countries for food and Rob happened to spot Donald in the back corner. Jared was so excited to get his new Donald hat autographed by the Big D himself. The weather was phenomenal and the the day was awesome!


Hi Minnie!

Look at the happy faces...even Ryan

Group shot at snack time

Oh wow! It's Donald, smile!

Ryan with The Mouse.

What a beautiful day...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Disney Teaser

We just got back and I remembered that I have to work today so you'll just have to wait for the pictures of our trip. Hopefully I can get them up by Saturday...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Homer's aren't home today, so leave a message

We're going back to Disney this weekend! The kids are out of school on Monday and Tuesday so we will start the weekend early on Friday afternoon and head on down to Orlando. Friday night is looking like rest time at the pool to get up early for the parks. I think the first day we will all stay together and hit Epcot. The next two days we are splitting up because the boys want to go to Universal and Ryan is still so happy to just hang at the Magic too! Stay tuned for pictures, we'll be home Tuesday late. I hope to come home with more photos this year since last time I broke our camera and lost most of our family shots...including the one of our family on main street... :(

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Aubie!

Kitty Kitty meet Aubie...

Sleeping Beauty

Yay! We got a kitten!!

Well hello there Foxi doggie...

This post is for Jared...(it was his idea) When Each of our kids turn 6 they get to choose their pet. Jared was a cat lover from day one, starting with his beloved stuffed Kitty Kitty that went EVERYWHERE for the first 7 years of his life. In 2005 we started looking around on the internet for kittens for Jared's birthday. We knew what his answer would be to the pet question and we wanted to go into it well prepared. I have allergies as does Grammy so cats were looking like a slim possibility. We found a breed called Bengal and decided that it looked and sounded like the breed for us. Not only does the cat look like a tiger (War Eagle!) it loves the water and acts more like a dog then other breeds of cats. Seeing that Rob and I were both dog people-this was welcomed news. We also read that they were hypoallergenic...good news for me! We told Jared that we needed to go visit Daddy's aunt Agatha in Charlotte( Rob doesn't have an aunt Agatha) and made the trip to go get our new love. Seeing as the date was April 1st, we could get away with our "April fool's" surprise. I thought he was going to bust out of his skin when he saw all the kittens. There was one that immediately chose Jared and we took her home. We named her Aubun's Dixieland Daisy, Aubie for short.
Right off the bat she got along very well with the kiddos as well as Foxi. She is a sweet little thing that is very attached to "her people", we can't imagine the house with out her.

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hurricane-Groundhog Invitational 2-2-08

Good Luck Jared!


"Swimmers take your marks..."

What a day! We started our morning bright an early by heading down to Auburn Al. We decided to drive the kiddos around campus since we were going to be in Columbus for the meet anyways. We had a big group with The Homer 5, Gran and Grandfather in one car and Grammy and Pop Pop in the other. We drove around town and hit some of our old haunts. This was Kevin and Ryan's first trip to Tiger Town and they seemed to like it. We decided to go into a couple of stores for Auburn Gear and then off to lunch. We tried Niffers but they weren't open yet so we hit Gutheries (precursor to Zaxby's). We all decided to come back soon for a football game and then it was off to Columbus for the meet. Jared's first event was freestyle and it was the second one of the 2nd shift. There was chaos in the bullpen and as a result, Jared missed his event. They put someone in his lane and he missed his swim. Poor thing shook it off a lot quicker then his Dad and I did. As long as it didn't bother him I was ok...kind of. So now we drove a few hours away from home to only watch him compete in three events...humph! Next up was backstroke and Jared's worst event by far. He really is almost comical in the way he executes this stroke. He seriously looks as though he is out for a Sunday stroll...he ended up shaving off 5 seconds from his seed time to take a 9th place overall, earning 9 points for Chattahoochee Gold. His second event was breaststroke, this is his favorite stroke and is very difficult. He took two seconds off his seed time and placed 7th to earn 12 more points for the team. Last event was the butterfly, not his favorite, but one of his strongest events. He took off two seconds and took 3rd place for yet another 16 points for the team. We were so proud of him for shaking off the episode at the start of the meet, for doing his best and for beating his own times (not worrying about what the other kids were doing). We kept telling him that if he beat his own times that the other things (placement, points and awards) would fall into place. We got some good news at church this morning...a friend that also swims was there until the end of the meet and said that Jared got a trophy for his third place finish. AWESOME! He is SO excited and he really worked hard to earn it. HUGE thank you to Gran and Grandfather for driving all the way down from Hartwell for the meet and also to Grammy and Pop Pop for making the trek from Atlanta.