Friday, August 28, 2009

Pinkie's Pinky Update

One month ago today Ryan cut her finger pretty bad. We thought it was going to take until Christmas to heal. She took out a chunk about the size of a pea, which on her little finger was pretty big. The doctors at Scottish Rite didn't want to reattach and we are glad they decided against it...we are amazed at how quick it healed! Take a look :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kell Jamboree 2009

Kevin had his first taste of playing football today. Not practice, not a run-through, pure game play. He had four mini-games against teams that he will probably meet in the regular season. Some of these kids were HUGE. Since the teams are based on ages, there were some BIG kids on the other teams. Apparently they can play at over 100 lbs, but they just aren't allowed to be ball carriers. Hmmm, that means they are linemen up against Kevy...this should be interesting. He came home with battle wounds and plenty of stories but he's ready to get back out there! At one point he actually blocked two of these Gargantua's at once. I'm still not sure how he did it.

My camera battery died so I only have a few pictures but it's fine because it was H.O.T. out there and I was glad to just watch. Here are some pictures I did manage to get. First game is the 29th...we are SO excited! :)

Kevin is the first string Center, second string OT, and first string DT

Post game trying to cool down

Here's Kevin playing as Offensive Tackle (he's the second one in on the line). In this shot he does pretty time I'll get more footage. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

First day of School

Well, this is an odd year...the kids are going in to 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades...they all have great teachers and they are VERY excited for school. I am not :) I will miss them so much but all good things must come to an end. Our summer break was fantastic and we have tons of memories (and pictures!) but now we can make more memories at school.

It hit me this morning that this is the last time for this picture. Next year Jared starts middle school. This is also the last year that Jared and Ryan will ever be at the same school! Sniff,sniff...

traditional picture at the mailbox :)

Kevin leading the pack up the hill

Could Jared look more bored? Ryan is loving this!

Here's our bus stop:
Brooke, Alex, Marshal, Katie, Jared, Nevin, Jullian, Ryan and Kevin

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I ♥ Faces-Crazy, Silly, Funny Face

Back to school, back to blogging. This week at I Faces we have a theme of "Crazy, Silly, Funny Face". I have a file for each of the kids entitled, "silly at home". This came out of Jared's file from 2004. It's hard to believe he starts 5th grade this week, at least he's still the same fun guy to have around. :)
Head over I Faces to to see all the other entries for this week!

They also have a non-judged Pets category. I had to put the latest of Haley up there. How beautiful are her eyes???

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pinky's Pinkie

So in the chaos of having 11 people in the house, something is bound to happen. We thought that was the case when we got home after having a tour-ific day in downtown Atlanta. While we were gone one of the cats got into the boys room where my mom and all her stuff were bunking. Somehow her medication box got knocked down and stuff was everywhere. Fearing that the kitten or one of the cats ate something, I was upstairs with mom counting and sorting out the mess.

Meanwhile, everyone else scattered throughout the house. Part of the group had just been to the pool, another had made a quick grocery run. Roy and his girls were in the kitchen making a Norwegian apple dessert for all of us. Apparently Ryan asked if she could help out-peeling the apples. Not a problem since the kids are always in the kitchen with Rob, and myself on rare occasion. Mom and I heard a terrible cry from Ryan, one of those-I am really hurt kind of cries. No worries since Rob and my dad were both downstairs-they could sort out which brother "wronged" her, kiss it and make it better.

When she kept crying I asked Kevin to find out what was going on since my head was under the boys dresser finding scattered vitamins. I hear him say, "mom you'd better come down here". I yell down to Rob, "what happened?" and he yells back up that "Ryan was missing the top of her finger!" Immediately, I jump up and start running down the stairs to assess the situation. My first thought was that we had left some groceries in the car and Ryan went to fetch them and shut her finger in the car door (I babysat for a girl who had done that and it wasn't pretty). On my way I yell down to Rob, "what happened??!!" but since my voice was shot from screaming all day at six flags, it came out like a crazed lunatic (which is SO not me in these situations). I get to the bathroom where my dad has Ryan at the sink. She is crying and the finger looks bad...better then I thought (I envisioned from the knuckle up) but still bad. I figured he had everything under control so I went to the garbage to find the rest of her finger. I wasn't sure if they could reattach it or not, but I figured it was better to take it with us. The piece was only about the size of a pea, but on a 6 year old, that's pretty significant.

We went to Urgent Care and then on to Scottish Rite. The doctors and nurses we SO great to us and Ryan & we were on our way home by midnight. They had x-rayed, numbed and cleaned the pinkie-the shot was the worst part. The bleeding didn't stop for another 10 hours or so. I'm blogging this about 2 weeks later and the finger is looking really good. We took the splint off last week and the nail should hopefully cover the scars. The shape may or may not return to normal. The entire way to the hospital and while waiting she was a trooper, smiling and laughing, talking with Rob and I...what a tough kid! At this point it's just another story for the books...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hook 'em Horns!

Are you ready for some football???

This picture absolutely stops me in my tracks. I need to get a picture of my dad in his football say they look alike to me would be an understatement! This summer, Kevin started football camp and will have his first game on August 29th. He is SO excited. For the past week at practice they have been practicing with no gear on. Saturday we got all his pads etc and he is ready for his first "real" practice tonight. They started working on formation and positions last week and Kevin tried for Def Tackle and Center...not sure if those will be his pertinent positions but that's what he wants to play.

learning the art of getting the helmet on and off will take some practice... well as looking up in the down pains me to watch him try and do it.

As I said, his first game is August 29th, not sure on the time. If you would like to see him play let me know and I'll get more information to you. I am quite sure there will be a few pictures afterwords if you can't make it!

Hook 'em Horns!!