Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ryan Pink

Ryan had her first day of Gold practice today. She is in the bronze group and is one of the youngest, if not the youngest. There are kids up to about age 8 in this grouping. I wish I caught on video Ryan looking up at the girl before her on the first jump in...she was as tall as Jared and the look on her face was priceless. She stayed with the group the entire time and at the end was still going strong. EVERY time we caught her eye she gave us a HUGE grin, it was so blasted cute! Coach Karen officially deemed her "Ryan Pink" because there is another Ryan (a boy) that kept getting called out. Jared is still known by Coach K as "Jared green" even though he switched to blue goggles and the other Jared moved away...it's just a coach thing. It's kind of an honor and RyRy didn't know what to think of it. She'll get used to it. :) Ryan chose the music for her video, it is actually quite appropriate!

Friday, August 22, 2008

YES! I think we've found it!!

Kevin has been searching for quite a while to find a sport where he "fits". When he was 3 & 4 he played soccer, then switched to diving off the 3M spring board, 5 & 6 was swimming, 6 & 7 was gymnastics and now we have come full circle back to soccer-just before he turns 8.
He has and AWESOME coach that played professionally in Mexico and the kids adore him. He works them like dogs but they love every minute of it. Last practice was an hour and a half, tonight was close to two hours (they are supposed to last about 55 minutes). The kids were all having such a blast all the parents looked at each other and shrugged, "Let 'um play, it's not a school night". Kevin actually got really grumpy when it was time to leave he was having such a great time. I hope we have finally found a sport where he can build some confidence and have a great time. I uploaded a movie of tonight's action to youtube. You can click on the little picture to the right or
Click here for the YouTube link

Kevin and Max waiting for their turn

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Create your own Beanie

Our children are obsessed with Beanie Babies (any stuffed animal really). They have countless legions of them invading the HomerHouse. We got an email that you could design your own beanie animal so the kids submitted entries.
***Voting is now closed***
The poems were optional...

My name is Squidly
I am a fun guy
I love to swim
And eat apple pie

My daddy calls me princess
so she lives in a castle

Larry the Leech
Larry the Leech
Lives at the beach
He's really nice
and never bites

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ryan's Heart

Here is the email I sent out after her appointment this morning, I sincerely apologize if I left you out of the loop.

We got to the appointment after an hour in traffic. Bottom line is that we spent less time in the doctors office then sitting on 575. They did an EKG, rechecked a few things and basically said that her hole is so small that they don't need to see her back for another three years (YAY!!). The doctor said that it should close by the time she is ten and if it does not it is so small that it should not cause any problems. She doesn't even need to be on antibiotics to go to the dentist (normal procedure for a hole in the heart). Basically the technology has gotten so advanced that they can detect even the tiniest of holes (like Ryan's) that for ever have gone undetected. She more than likely will have no issues from this.

Thank you so much for all your prayers!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

thehomerhouse goes hightech

I decided to put the videos up on youtube from now on. It's much easier and I don't think it bogs down people's computers as much. I have had reports that it take a while for people to load the pages so maybe this will help. Our channel is "thehomerhouse" click this link or you can double click any of the videos on the right hand side of the blog. If you single click on the photos on the right you can watch the video right from the blog page. The youtube page is just a bit bigger and easier to see. Now I will post more video to keep you updated on the stats of the Homer's.

Monday, August 11, 2008

1st day of school debriefing

First I have an update on Ryan's heart murmur. I would like to say thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. The doctor finally called back and said "that everything looked fine, but...(I hate that word)...she has a tiny hole in the bottom of her heart". What this means is that she will go meet with a pediatric cardiologist to discuss where we go from here. Most likely it is something that she will out grow. She can resume normal activities and she has to take antibiotics before going to the dentist. He didn't seem too concerned and told me as much. I wanted to tell him, you don't know what our family has been through in the last five years, we never take anything for granted anymore. I will keep you posted.

On to the fun stuff. After scouring my house all morning I was ready to meet the bus at 2:30. I guess having all of them gone gives me a chance to get things done around the house. All my junk drawers, closets and filing boxes are now tidy...fun, fun. The kids all had a great day at school, here is the run down.

Ryan: Off the bus (forgot her backpack and had to get back on to retrieve it) with big smiles. She said her day was "great!" and her favorite part was "lunch and snack time. She sat with her friends Parker and Nevin on the bus and next to two kids she couldn't remember their names, in class". Yay, so far-so good.

Kevin: Off the bus with a HUGE grin, I love that toothless smile of his. He said he was "one of the best in his class" (last year we had lots of behavior issues with him making poor choices) and when I asked him if Ms.Severin had to call on him he said, "yes", with a devilish grin. Of course I asked why and he said, "because I was reading and didn't hear her". Yay...really good...2 down, 1 to go.

Jared: Came off the bus, I didn't see if he was smiling or not because I had to help Ryan get back on the bus to get her forgotten backpack. He talked nonstop from the bus to the house. He was full of things to talk about. I asked his favorite part of the day and he said, "recess because I got to see all my friends and find out what they did this summer." His best buddy Mikey is in his class (they went to 3 year old preschool together) as well as a couple kids off the bus. His teacher is very hands-on in the class and she has a very unique teaching style (she was teacher of the year for the county a couple years ago) this fits great with Jared's inquisitive nature and quirkiness. I have a good feeling about this year for him.

That's all that happened today. It was a long day for me but I got alot done. I guess tomorrow I tackle cleaning out the basement. I hope the school calls me for an interview soon, I'm running out of things to clean out!

Three little ducks went out one day....

The big bus came over the hill this morning and swallowed my last baby. On Jared's first day I ran home and wrote a short story about the day. Today I kind of floated home in a daze...maybe it's because I'm sleep deprived. I think I was up most of the night with the old "I've overslept and missed Ryan's first day on the school bus" nightmare. We went in to get them up and Ryan bounced out of bed, literally. The boys were less enthusiastic, they knew what was coming. We were ready in record time which left me plenty of time for pictures (yay!-another aspect of my dream, I forgot my camera). Enjoy! I can't wait until 2:30 to see how their day went.Time to eat!
again, she asks-"when is it time for school??"
Mail Box photo 2008
After the mail box she took off up the hill and was officially the first one at the stop.
Ryan had a special outfit for today that we bought at back-to-school shop-til-you-drop. She insisted on wearing her cheetah shirt like the brothers. Here's the front...
and....here's the back.
I had to put this one in here, Kevin's face is hysterical...I have never seen him make that look before. The cutie on the left is Katie Bug, Karen's daughter.
The entire bus stop...my boys are pro's by this time of the morning, they struck a pose!
One last hug for Daddy Guy
"the wheels on the bus..."

"go round and round, round and round..."

"Have a great day guys!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ft. Myers Beach Pictures 1 of 8 (Tracey's camera)

Here are the much anticipated photos of our vacation. We were gone for a month so there are lots of shots. I broke them down by major event/ other people's cameras. It will take a while for them to all upload so I may be here for days!

Here's our place, the Beach Club INice view from the poolside. We can watch the kids play on the beach or swim in the pool. It's nice and shady!!
Jared and J.C.
First sand excavation of the year
Ryan opted for a mani/pedi instead of the beach.
Hey Kevy!
Hard at work
Lunch in a cup anyone?
What a cute pair!!
Ryan and Benjamin running for water to fill the mote.
Jared, digging himself into a hole. hahaha
My attempt at being artsy while the kids played on the beach.Rob and the kids on the front porch.
I take a shot every year for his Father's Day frame, this is the picture for 2008.

2 of 8 (Tracey's camera)

HAPPY 4th of July 2008

Hi Ry! I take a photo of the kids every year in the same chair. I started Jared's first year at the beach. It's neat to watch them grow.Smile Kevy...this is his year with missing front teeth!
Next year may be his last picture in the chair.
I said when their feet hit the ground I would stop.
What a great couch picture.
I take this shot every year too, ever since Kevin came around.
I let the kids get creative...see what happens??

Benjamin & Ryan
for their annual poolside photo
Rick, Rob and TLThe Homer's hit the beach. Family pic 2008...nice shades Rob!

Pic's 3 of 8 (Scott's camera)

BCI gals in an elevator.
Karlie, Kelly, Tracey and Kristi

Heather and Tracey Lynn. You ever see the movie Beaches? Well, that's us, just not as sad a story...not too many people can be in your life since you were 4 years old. Now she's all growed up and married and everything. It's fun to live with someone a month a year...lots of stories!

Pics 4 of 8 (Scott's camera)

Ryan & Benjamin going on their "date" to putt-putt
Jungle golf or Pirate golf, tough question. There was going to be a follow up date since he sacrificed and went to the animal one, but the weather didn't cooperate before the Parker family left. Back in our day there was only one choice!
What a gentleman, he let her go first!
Cute monkeys...all three of them!
Thanks Benjamin!!!
Ryan had a blast, a new yearly tradition has been set!

Pics 5 of 8 (Tracey's camera)

Playtime at Grammy and Pop Pop's place in Naples.
Grammy, Jared and Ryan take a swim while the others go fishing in the back bay.
Kevin the fisher-boy. We don't usually catch much. We just enjoy the process. When they get tired of going for fish they always bring in some crabs to play with. Ask Kevin about the one that pinched his toes...
Jared, smile!...I said smile, not squint!Hey BuBuRyan can hear the shutter open on the camera from a mile away!

Fishin' Huck Finn style.

Ryan and Pop Pop

Cute shot, maybe our Christmas card for 2008

I love this shot, it makes me smile that they are all water bugs!

Miss Priss has to arrange her towel "just so" before she has a seat.

These are my favorites of the trip this year. I really don't know how she was able to find me with the camera, and smile, and not belly flop on the landing! We were laughing so hard when I took these photos. It was a great day at the condo!