Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Watch 2010

Got the kids off the bus and went in to wait for the snowmageddon to hit!

It's snowing!!!

When can we go outside and play?!?!

Ryan had a meltdown and missed the first few minutes of playtime. She was peeking out at the fun and the boys were hitting her window with snowballs!

Jared making his snowball to start Frosty-unaware of the danger behind him...

...look out Jared!!

After Kevin missed Jared at point blank range, they decided to work together to build our FIRST snowman in our own yard EVER. They made one 2 years ago at Rick's in Michigan, but not at home.

Ryan got paroled and everyone joined in the fun.

This is tough work :)

Starting to take shape

DONE! What a great job. It's easy when you have a kit ;)

Jared hitting the sled on Day Lily Speedway...and

the sled hitting Kevin on the nose....

Ryan looking cute before her death run down the street. Just kidding, the snow/ice was starting to melt so she went super slow.

What a beautiful day! It was worth the wait...only 10 years in the making. Maybe we'll get another one this year??? Nah....

Sunday, February 7, 2010


SMILE!! ....or not?

I know I just posted this one of Ryan, but it makes me laugh every time. Jared and Rob RARELY make faces. Kevin, Ryan and I on the other hand make them all the time. Grandma Lou used to laugh out loud when I was talking to her and say, "oh, the faces you make-it's amazing". I'm sure she was being polite because they are not amazing beautiful, they are amazingly scary. Here is a montage of the crazy sheep in the family

... oh-here's one more. Guess we know where it comes from!