Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Hunting trip 2012

 This is my Kevy Bu's first hunting trip. All he wanted for his birthday was to go sit in a tree and look for deer. He got his wish. We had beautiful weather for our week up at Hartwell. Rick and Daddy took Kevin out on Friday and Saturday evening to try and bag a deer. Both days they came home empty handed but on the second day they at least saw one. I know what they will be doing over the Christmas break!!
Uncle Ricky and Kevin heading out to the woods. I think Great Gramps would have gotten along really well with my Bu. :D

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kevin's 12th Birthday

 A quick birthday dinner with Gran and Grandfather on Friday Night. Can you tell these two are related? ;)
 Blowing out the candles with his friends on his birthday. Like the cheesecake?  He is his own best customer for the band dessert fundraiser. :D
 My and my Bu. 
Kevin decided that he wanted to go bowling.  I now know that it is a punishment for Rob and I to go watch our children bowl. I know they haven't done it much and I know that it's more "our" thing, but's hard not to coach them when all they want to do is go out there and have fun!  Maybe Rob and I should show them a thing or two ;) Either way the kids had a great time and it was fun for them to hang with their peeps for a while. Even if they won't make the Olympics for bowling. HA!



Hope you have the best year ever!!
Love you!
Mom, Dad, Jared & Ryan