Monday, March 28, 2011

Carrollton aka soggy wet mess

Each year we make two trips out to Carrollton to swim, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Spring is notorious for storms in Georgia and they usually come our way via Carrollton...that meant that when we were at the swim meet, we got the brunt of the storms. Now this pool is pretty awesome, it's a glass green house. The walls and ceiling are ALL glass. It is really a cool place to swim (well-steamy is more like it) but the kids do well here. Friday night Jared didn't have any events. Saturday morning he only had three. That made me scratch my head, why would we drive out there for 3 events? Well, he actually made finals in all 3 events. This was his second Prelim/final meet, something we are still getting used to. That meant he swam in the morning, posted a top 16 time and had to come back that night and swim it all over again...aahhh, now I get it, 3+3=6. Duh. Way to go swim mom. Poor Jared, we learn everything with him.

So as I said, Jared posted a top 16 on Saturday in the 50 Breast, 100 Back and the 50 Fly. In the finals he finished 12th, 14th and 14th respectively. Pretty cool considering we had been there 14 hours by the time he warmed up til he cooled down. A LONG day.

In the mean time, Ryan had the second shift to swim. She had 4 events plus the chance to swim in relays. She usually gets bumped from a relay by a faster swimmer or there are not enough girls to make a team. This time she made the A free relay and she was super stoked, that is until the storms caused such a back up with delays that she only got to swim 3 events and the final event and the relay got cut from the meet. Boo. At least she crushed her times for the 3 events she did swim. That little fish is getting ever closer to a state cut time and she's only 8! I do have to say that even though we were stuck in a leaky greenhouse where it was raining inside and the kids were soaked and so were the parents, it was a fabulous day.

Day two was even better. Jared made 3 for 3 again and finished 16th in the 100 Free, 11th in the 100 Breast and 14th for the 50 back. Really impressive. His times were right on or lower and he was super proud of himself. Way to go Jared!

Ryan's second day was one for the memory banks. She got to swim all 4 events. She was up on her time for one and then way down on her time for another. She would crush her times or DQ, it was really strange. I think timing was off from sitting for two days as well as an impending growth spurt. Her memorable swims came from the 50 back (and the lovely corkscrew DQ), the 50 FL where she totally crushed her time and almost beat our her arch nemesis and the 25 back where she was on an 18 second pace and freaked out, slowed to a stop and went from 1st to 4th. But the pinnacle? Hands down, the medley relay. Gracie (8-back), Sammi (7-breast), Ryan (8-Fly), Ana (7-free) made up the toughest group of 7 and 8 year old girls I have ever seen. The A relay team was seeded 2nd and they pulled off a 1st beating their seed time by a second. Overall Ryan took home three 2nd place medals (25/50 Br and 50 Fl) and one each of 1st (relay), 3rd (IM), 4th (25 Bk) and 6th (50 Fr).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring String Jamboree

Jared decided to throw the violin onto his plate of things to do. He really picked it up fast and he seems to really enjoy it. I love the fact that he is using my old violin that I never learned how to play. I decided to chaperon the field trip over to JJ Daniel (Rob's old Middle School) and boy was that an eye opener. I know that we have exceptionally good kids and I am thankful everyday but to see some really snarky pre-teen kids REALLY made me appreciate our three wonderful children. I enjoyed my time served to the Palmer Orchestra but I was glad to get home to my rotten little monkey urchins.

Part of the fun of being there 2 hours early was that I got to watch everything unfold from one middle school group to six local schools. It was a wonder to watch everything come together and actually sound like music when the kids literally ran through each piece once before showtime.

By the time the actual concert started my battery was on it's last leg. I zoom in on the first video so you can see we are right in front of Jared just on the front of the "stage" where he is way in the back. You can always go to: thehomerhouse You Tube channel to view in non blurry full screen

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toomers Trees Field Trip

The first weekend of our break we found out that the Toomers Trees had been poisoned. For anyone who went to Auburn this is such a sickening thought. Why would someone hurt our trees? Our roots run deep in the plains and they start with those trees. Whenever we have a big win, we make an exodus to Toomer's Corner and roll the trees with toilet paper. It's a great way to celebrate and it's harmless. Why would someone do this? It is just despicable. We decided to take the kids on a field trip to see the trees before they die. Brandon is living down there so he met us for the day and we made some awesome memories.

Outside of Samford Hall

One of my favorite bookstores on campus

The trees with Toomer's in the background

Rob and Bran in front of the lesser tree

Looking back at the trees from outside of Toomers Drug store

Going in to get a lemonade

Ryan's first drink of lemonade, YUMMO!

The boys as we head over to see more of the campus.

One more shot from the other corner

Haley center. I had many classes here :)

Outside the Colosseum. I have a picture like this from when Rob graduated.

How cute will this picture be if Ryan signs on to swim for AU?

The aquatic center-utterly breathtaking.

Both kids said they want to swim here-time will tell.

Loved this display at the Auburn museum inside the new Arena

Getting tired of walking around

The boys met Aubie at a baseball game

Ryan decided to come meet him too :)

Beautiful day with great company. We won't wait so long to come back again!