Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amicalola 2012

On April 29th we set out for the annual Amicalola Falls Trip up in the North Georgia Mountains.  Our church takes the FX3 kids every year and siblings are welcome to join.  This will be Kevin's last trip up the mountain as he will be in confirmation with Jared next time it rolls around.  Sad to see so many traditions coming to a close for the kids to do together.  On the bright side, Jared and Kevin will be able to go to Lutheridge together in the Fall.  That will leave Daddy at home with Ryan while I chaperone the boys, new traditions.... :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Birds

What cha looking at Ramsey?
 You see them too Haley?
The HomerHouse has a birds nest right outside our window!  It has been wonderful to watch the momma bird build the nest, lay the eggs and then they finally hatched!  "We" had four baby birds that grew before our eyes and then left the nest.  What a great way to usher in Spring.  Just wished momma bird had stopped pecking at the window to get the cats to go only made them run over to see what was going on :D

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 2012


 Egg Hunt Time!!
 Finding lots of eggs Kevin?
 Dad had to help too ;)
 Look at these beautiful caterpillars.  Wonder what type of butterfly they will become?
That may look like Jared but it is his stunt double...Seth from next door.  Jared was in Atlanta with Grammy & Pop Pop since mom and dad were in Fripp for the wedding.  Shortly after the egg hunt we had dinner and then headed back into town so we could spend Easter with Jared.

WOW!! Thanks to the wonder of technology and my super slow blogging skillz, you can see what that beautiful green caterpillar turned in to :D

We brought three of them home with us and two became these lovely creatures!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fripp Island

 The seat I could sit in every morning of my life and it would be just fine...
So our friends Matt and Bonnie got engaged last year and set the wedding for April Fool's Day, if you knew Matt this would make a great deal of sense. :D Rob and I decided that it would be lovely to spend a week on Fripp Island S.C. with our pool peeps since the folks were willing to take care of the kids.  Jared went to stay with Grammy and Pop Pop while Ryan and Kevin went to stay with Gran, Grandfather & Uncle Ricky at the lake.  Everyone had a fantastic time at their respective destinations.

Here are some pics of the beauty of Fripp.  I LOVED this place.  Golf carts, wild life, fishing and bike riding.  Never gone crabbing before either, that was fun too!  What a great vacation and an even more beautiful destination wedding.

The house we stayed at.  We had close to 20 people staying here but there was so much room you would never guess that.  There was always a card game, a great conversation or a group going fishing or shopping.  What a memorable week!
The view from our room.  Yeah, it was super sweet.
Heading in to Beaufort for dinner.  GREAT town with shops and eating to die for.

I wanted a shirt but they were all sold out.  My guess is that THIS is the place to get the b.e.s.t. seafood on the area!