Monday, June 22, 2009

Legacy Family Reunion 1 of 3

Guenther LEGACY Reunion 2009
The alarm goes off on Friday morning about 4 am. I roll out of bed, brush my teeth and get the kids up. We get everyone rolling by 4:30 am and we are off on an "Adventure" to Illinois for the weekend. We are traversing with my parents sans Rob to spend some time with my mom's side of the family. It wasn't too bad of a trip. I shut my eyes for a minute and woke up in Nashville...ooops-lucky Daddy was driving ;) I took a turn for a few hours and saw some of the most beautiful corn, wheat and soy bean crops ever. The kids got sick of, "Look kids! Corn!" We got to the hotel and before the key was in the door they were changing into their swim suits.
Jared decided to give Ryan a lift...Kevin is apparently "helping"
Santa Kevin...the bubbles in the hot tub were loads of fun
WHOA! That's cold!

We hung out at the pool for a bit, got cleaned up and then headed out to got to my aunt and uncle's house. In the lobby we saw my mom's cousin, Judy, and her hubby Alan. Apparently we were a bit early due to the time change (another oops) so we decided to chill in the lobby and visit for a bit. After a while the kids started to mutiny so we figure we could take our time and head out to Howie and Lisa's house. Rumors of a storm were floating around but we decided to risk it...I feel an "opps" coming here...a few blocks away from the Guenther's place, we started noticing the green sky and for reasons still unknown to me we decided to drive around on campus for a bit...right into the storm. At one point we were seeking shelter under a parking garage as debris was flying around, it was quite a memorable time. We arrived unscathed a few minutes later and officially started our Legacy Reunion weekend.
Driving down the block- trees down, limbs everywhere, a river running down the street...
Kevin, Elizabeth and Ryan having some "cousining" time.

Reunion 2 of 3

The girls: Ryan, Stacy, Emily and Elizabeth

After a fantastic pizza dinner on Friday night we all gathered back at the Guenther home for breakfast and a day of "cousining" time on Saturday. Some in the group, about 20 I think, decided to go on a walking tour of the University of Illinois Campus. Its about 3 blocks from Howie's, it was a beautiful day and a great chance for a walk. U of I is a spectacular campus. Both Howie and Lisa work right there and it is a really pretty-even with the strom damage. I tried to get some pictures of the wonderful old buildings...
So pretty...
Colonel Mustard, with the lead the observatory...hahaha
The new bell tower
some really pretty brick work and decorative roofing...
cool statues...
our group-walking. and walking. and walking...
another beautiful building-look how lush the grounds are!
Stacy and Ryan
The participants of Tour Group 714:
Steve, Lois, Margie, Ed, Mr. Amirkhanian, Stacy, Ryan, Emily, Carol, Mrs. A, Alan, Margie, Elizabeth, Jared, Uncle Howie, Armen and Kevin. (Dad and I were taking the pictures)
That would have been nice to know hours earlier ;)
What a beautiful shot of the campus!!
What a great tour!

Reunion 3 of 3

After the tour we met back at 714 and had a great lunch. We had "Beer, chips and a wiener on a bun". I was sitting on the porch with my mom's 97 year old aunt, Auntie Ruth (my Grandpa's sister) and that's what she said we were having to eat...I L.O.V.E this woman--she always has the most beautiful smile and the funniest things to say. She is such a dear person and I can guarantee that she will show up somewhere in my I faces entry someday.
Aunt Lisa, Carol, Margie, Judy, Alan, Ed and Steve
Rick and I having lunch
Off to the hotel so the kids could swim and we could squeeze in a game of sheepshead--Awesome!
Back at the ranch deciding what to do...
The Taste of Champaign was in town so we decided to head over there for a bit. Mom, Dad, Rick, the boys and I climbed into the car---first stop bookstore for some books and a U of I football shirt for Kevin. Then on to the was H.O.T!! It was crowed but there were lots of arts, crafts, rides and food--what a great afternoon. The kids really wanted these medallions that you can make. You strike a coin on both sides at once, with any two patterns of your choosing, using this guillotine type device. The boys picked out Ryan's (she was back at the hotel for swimming, round #2). It was really a cool thing and not your ordinary souvenir-Jared has a smooshed penny collection that he gets from all over so this was right up his alley.
time for some relaxing music :)Mom and her cousins: Margie, Carol and Judy
Outside for s'more fun :) My cousin Steve put together a fantastic geneolgy collection for all of the cousins. Inside was a picture of our relatives back around the 1940's roasting marshmallows, it was really neat to see that picture. It made me smile thinking that s'mores is something we do all the time---what a neat tradition.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and time to be getting on the road. Lisa and Howie fed us AGAIN-this time another wonderful brunch. We spent a bit saying our goodbyes but not before a quick science lesson in the yard. We got to recreate the Mentos experiment that Elizabeth did in school...what a great treat! Each child took a turn exploding a container of soda, what could be more fun?? All the kids had a BLAST :)

Howie, Lisa and Elizabeth
for opening your home, sharing your food and creating lasting memories for all of us!!

On the way home we went through Metropolis, Illinois. Rick and I kind of laughed, pulled off the freeway and took a slight detour that we thought the kids might enjoy. Here are some pics...
Dund- da-da-DA!! Kev-Man!
What a SUPER way to end out weekend!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I ♥ Faces~Sepia

I L.O.V.E Sepia tones! This week will be so neat to see what all the photographers contribute at I Faces. Click the link to take you on over to the site. This week I am submitting a picture of Ryan from our trip to Disney in 2006. I love this picture but she is SO pink, the store is so bright and the glitter and make up are so distracting. By making this a Sepia tone, you can see her beautiful face and not all the other stuff going on around it...I love this shot. :) Good luck everyone!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo Friday-Stone Mountain 2004

It's been a while since I've done photo Friday...time is flying by. Summer is my very favorite time of year and it is going by so fast! Here is one shot from atop Stone Mountain. I think Ryan stayed on the lawn with Grandfather and Daddy...this was an impressive shot since both Gran and Grammy are not really one for heights. I can't wait to take the family back with all of our cousins this summer-it's been about 5 years since we've been there and the kids are SUPER excited!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kell Jr. Longhorns-First practice

Well, Well, Well. I can't tell you how many posts I have done for Kevin on his "first day" of a sport. The boy has done (in no order) tennis, swimming, diving, soccer (twice), gymnastics and now FOOTBALL. "Hello Duck? I would like to introduce you to water." The boy has been beaming all day, he wanted to put his cleats on at lunch, and is probably sleeping with his football (sound like anyone else you know??:)) I took oodles of pictures but I will post my favorites. It is really cool how much effort he put into practice. We asked him if he ever moved like that in soccer and he said, "that's where I learned some of my tactics". Ok, good answer. Maybe it's cause you're super excited about it, and can't wait for the next practice. It doesn't hurt that his best buddy, Jackson, is also on the team. He was sad that it was only an hour...just wait-it'll get harder I am quite certain. :) Enjoy the pictures, I'll let you know when his first game is in the Fall. hehehehe
out of the box and they are working on lunges
side step agility stuff (I know, I'm sure it has a name)
look at that! a picture of Kevin listening!!
nice form for the drop and pop (that's my name, again, I'm sure it has a name)
hurdle station in the rotation
bungee station
taking a knee at the end of practice
it's over already!?!?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Swim Team-Chargers 2009

It's time again for summer swim team. We have waited all year for this and it's shaping up to be a great season. Chestnut Hill Chargers won their first two home meets. We are away for the next two and then home for the final meet. Last week we were in the R.A.I.N...the parents were more soaked then the kiddos. But it was worth it, we one by One (1) point!! Wahooo!. Jared is crushing his times from last year and Ryan is now swimming around a 21 second 25 free. Awesome. She is in a quandry of wanting/needing to swim up to help the team but can only do so for the relay races. In her age group she can only swim back and free. She LOVES the breast so that makes her kind of sad. Next year she can swim all strokes. Kevin has surprised us all. His butterfly makes everyone smile but like the other two Homers, he appears to be a natural Breastroker.
Jordan, Ashleigh and Ryan
Jared and "Coach" Dad
Kevin waiting for his part of the relay...
Ryan, Ashleigh and Jordan
Kevin on the blocks...
Ryan waiting for the whistle
Hi Jared! :)