Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kevman on skis

Kevin decided this weekend that he was going to use the last few days of summer to learn how to water ski. Actually Jared went first and decided rather quickly that the sport was NOT for him. Kevin gave it a valiant effort over and over again on Sunday. Just as he was starting to get it he said he'd had enough. Monday he got up early and went down while the water was still really calm before the holiday traffic hit. Just Mom, Dad and Jared to spot. He really started to get the hang of it and by the time he did it again after lunch he had mastered it. OK, so not really that good, but he came a long way in two days. He's a tough little guy and he kept on going until he got it. We were all so happy for him and so proud. Ryan decided to give it a try but just didn't really get it--and the water up the nose scared her a little--maybe next summer. Not to be out done, Rob and Grandfather Lars had to give it a go too...to protect the aging, their pictures will not be included in the montage...

**(This is from Rob... We did just fine, Tracey just didn't have the camera. After a few tries I was back up on one ski just like when I was 16. Lars pulled a muscle, but stuck it through for one slalom lap.)

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