Saturday, May 10, 2008

Relay Success!!

Friends for LIFE 2008

Thank you for your support of Relay for Life 2008. So far Cobb County has raised $850,000.00 and we are on target to reach our goal of $1 Million by our deadline of August 22nd. This was my first year as chair and I have one more to go. I learned a lot and I have huge ideas for next year. I will also be picking up as team captain again so I will be super busy in the coming months.

This Relay we had awesome weather (cool for set up in the morning) and warm (not too hot) and no thunderstorms (one tiny rain but that's all). The campsite did well for on site fund raising and we sold twice as many pizzas as last year. We also had Monster drinks on site and they went over really well. I didn't pass out talking to 4,000 people and the Homer's are pretty well caught up on sleep so we are ready to start planning next year's relay. Rob has given up bowling for a while to help me out so this will be a fun thing to do together...let's hope it goes better then painting a room together. hahaha.

Enjoy the pics and keep an eye on the Cobb website to see if we get to a million...

Homer-Harvey clan

Jen and I at our 5th Relay

Bran and Rob selling pizzas

Tracey, Angie and Jennie

Dumpy- the "Mobile Mission Unit"
won the "Spirit of Relay" award for his creative display of the 1800-ACS-2345 number,, and his "Follow Me to Mission Delivery" signs.
A huge Thank You
to mom and dad for bringing Dumpy all the way from Hartwell. He had a great time shuttling Survivors to the reception with Rob!

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