Saturday, February 7, 2009

Groundhog Invitational 2009

yup, she heard the shutter open ;)Jared getting his head in the game...uh the DS game that is ;)
Ready for warm ups...I LOVE this picture...LOOK into her left eye, what do you see????A shot of the pool, I was trying to get Jared at the end and she hopped hog
I had to put this one in here, there was a better shot with her only, but I wanted y'all to see how much littler she is then the other girlies that she swims against (these are the 8 and under girls, last time she swam the 10U's). They are all so sweet to her and love on her, she LOVES the big girls.

It's that time of year, we get to head down to Columbus Georgia for the Groundhog invite. We love this meet, it's smaller, there are trophies for top 15 and the sound system is easy to hear. It's a bit dark in there and I am not allowed to use a flash so the pictures are not the best. I tried really hard to get some pics of Jared, but he was busy playing games. Ryan on the other hand heard the shutter and came a runnin. Both of them did FANTASTIC!!! Here's the scoop:

25 Free--27.60 (took off 2.5 seconds)
25 Back--32.52 (group had a false start, swam the entire thing and had to reswim, boo, +2 sec)
25 Breast--35.77 (took off 1 second)
100 Free--2:28.11 (took off 8 seconds)

100 Free--1:41.55 (took off 7 seconds)
50 Back--52.22 (took off 2 seconds)
50 Breast--56.57 (added 3 seconds--but PLACED 12th!!!:):)) today was still faster then last meet :)
200 Free--3:33.11 (took off 32 seconds--yes, thirty two--AND PLACED 11th:):))
100 IM--1:50.03 (took off 2 seconds and placed 19th)

Just FYI, when I say they took off's from their personal best times. That means that Jared broke 4 out of 5 personal bests and Ryan broke 3 out of 4. What a great day!!
My Pinkie GirlJared doin' his breast stroke

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Keri said...

OMGoodness! Those dimples are the sweetest thing! She's beautiful! Swimming looks like a blast!