Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Short Course STATE 2010!!

The sign says it all...2010 Short Course State in Savannah Georgia

Jared during warm ups. I went on the deck on Saturday to get photos but just during warm ups. The first day I took video of Jared's race from the stands and the second day I left the camera behind. The seats were really crowded and I was afraid it would fall through. Jared did ok during his swims, two seconds from his beast time on each event but it was a learning experience. It's a shame that his times have been dropping like rocks but it just didn't happen for him when it counted. :(

He didn't mind though, we had a blast with our friends.

After the meet we went to the Crab Shack on Tybee, the gators were a bit sluggish but then again, so was I. The wind was terrible and it was really cold. It was cruel to be on the beach and it be so chilly.

The adults got appetizers and Jared decided that he needed to try oysters in the half shell. I love seafood and this is by far my least favorite. He said he liked them...yuck. :)

On the Tybee Pier, what a cute couple of kids ;)

Tybee pier from the freezing cold beach.

What a great trip...hopefully we can go again next year ;) Ryan's not too many years away from making a state cut. Jared will have his work cut out for hime next year, he ages up and the times are crazy fast.

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