Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kevin's 12th Birthday

 A quick birthday dinner with Gran and Grandfather on Friday Night. Can you tell these two are related? ;)
 Blowing out the candles with his friends on his birthday. Like the cheesecake?  He is his own best customer for the band dessert fundraiser. :D
 My and my Bu. 
Kevin decided that he wanted to go bowling.  I now know that it is a punishment for Rob and I to go watch our children bowl. I know they haven't done it much and I know that it's more "our" thing, but's hard not to coach them when all they want to do is go out there and have fun!  Maybe Rob and I should show them a thing or two ;) Either way the kids had a great time and it was fun for them to hang with their peeps for a while. Even if they won't make the Olympics for bowling. HA!

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