Monday, August 13, 2012

1st day of school 2012

How on earth did time go so fast?  The more I try to slow it down, the faster it seems to go. Not fair. I LOVE hanging out with my kids in the summer. I am.not. ready for them to go back to school and leave me all alone. 
See? I'm not ready. Not.Ready. How can I have an 8th, 6th and 4th grader in the house??? Oh my, next year starts high school.
EEEKKKK Run away!
Since it is inevitable, I hope the kids have the best year yet!
 I know that Ryan is over the moon because she got the teacher she wanted.
She is also sad because this is the first time she will be ALL alone, no brothers in the school.
I know Kevin is worried about getting where he needs to be on time and locker nightmares have started.
 I know that Jared is over it and is ready to be top dog in the school.
 I am not sure what will transpire over the next 180 wake ups, but I DO know that each time that alarm goes off we are one day closer to summer 2013! :D

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