Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Fun

So Halloween is here and it's time to carve the pumpkins. We wanted originals this year so no stencils were used. That made a unique challenge for mommy...Kevin had picked a gourd that looked like a snake, we really had some creative fun with that one! Kevin insisted on using a glove to get the goop out. Afterwards we toasted the seeds and made pumpkin bread. NO, I have NOT started cooking, I just volunteered to bring stuff in for Kevin's class, Mrs. Schmitter must not know me very well if she was counting on me to bring the food...hahaha

Jared wanted Patrick from Sponge Bob,not too bad but the mouth fell off. Oh well! Kevin's creation could probably be seen from space. Since he didn't get to pick a face for his "pumpkin" we let him choose a face for the big one, and he did an excellent job drawing that one on. Ryan wanted a ghosty and she did a good job drawing hers too!

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