Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Patch 2007

Happy Fall Ya'll! We went to get our pumpkins today and decided to try a new place. We went to a Corn Maze last year and loved it. This year we decided to try Cagle Dairy in North Georgia. We got there and the boys decided to jump on the bouncy pillow. Never seen anything like it, it was a bounce house with out walls. We each took a shot with the "Corn Cannon" and then we hit the maize. We made it through in one piece and Jared and I decided to try the second one (much harder) while Rob and the other two went to sit in the shade. After we emerged a half hour later (we only had to cheat once...) we took a tour of the dairy store. No hayride included, boo...and the pumpkins were really expensive...hiss. So we decided to go back to St. Andrews and get our pumpkins from there. We found two nice sized ones for Jared and Ryan and a snake shaped gourd for Kevy plus a HUGE pumpkin for Rob and I (lots of seeds...yay!), all cheaper then at the other place. Plus the money went to the youth group at the church. Great deal, no wonder they call the school I work at "The Pumpkin Church". Actually it's where Rob and I bought "our" first pumpkin many moons ago...enjoy the pics, hard to believe the holidays are here!

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