Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Not too many pictures of the morning. My camera needs it's settings adjusted for low light and we were up EARLY. Plus-I kind of like to be in the moment every once in a while instead of always taking pictures...I feel like I miss out sometimes...All the kids had a wonderful time--They got everything they wanted and they were so polite and orderly. It helps when the Santa's helper can read when handing out the gifts...we only had a couple gift mix ups but that makes things interesting!

Stocking time!

Kevin got a carnivorous plant kit, 10 meat eating plants...yummy...

Jared got two games for the play station from Santa.

Ryan got a double stroller for her babies from the big man in red.

Ramsay is taking the time to roll around in the plethora of pipe cleaners that Santa put in his stocking. Foxi and Aubie just enjoyed the treats. Also pictured is the "mega crinkle ball" that Ramsay carried around with him all day and growled at anyone who even thought of taking it from him...

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