Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chritmas Photos (by Kevin)

So Kevin got a camera for Christmas from my parents and I promised him that we would upload his photos to the blog. He does well taking the pictures but he likes to delete them just as fast...here are some of HIS pictures...

Jared got an i-Coaster for Christmas and Kev took pictures of the finished product...cool toy!

Here's Kevin (self photo) at Auntie Carolyn and Uncle Sherman's annual Christmas Party. He decided to use his teeth as a bottle opener for his root beer and lost a tooth in the process...Kids, don't try this at home!

There were alot of this shot. I am guessing it was very important and Kevin just HAD to get a picture of it...we'll call this one "darkness"...

While were were up at Hartwell we made the rockets that Santa brought, more photos below from my camera. The big blue one is Grandfather's (lost it), the red one is Rob's from pieces and parts from the rocket box (most parts were recovered), team Kevin/Rick is in the middle (lost and gone forever), Team Ryan/Rob is the small Red, White and Blue one (probably still going into the atmosphere) and Team Jared/Tracey is the short blue one (had launch pad issues but the good news is that we still have it, that's the upside of only going up 15 feet and doing wicked dangerous spirals at our heads...) We had an awesome time---we only scared a few cows and Rob is still getting over his poison ivy but everyone had a BLAST, hahaha.

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Anonymous said...

Tracey is a little incorrect on the recovery of said rockets. The biggest rocket was the one recovered last and required climbing fences some electrified but luckily turned off. We used the kids to test the electric fences before I jumped them (j.k.).