Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let It Snow, Southern Style

Funny Story: Kevin came home last week with a writing assignment- How to Build a Snowman.
He was whining about the assignment and I thought he wasn't sure what a topic sentence was, conclusion etc. So I started to explain. He stopped me and said, "No, I don't know HOW to make a snowman." Um, parental ah-ha moment..."Ok, well you start with a snowball, and then...""No! I don't know how to make a snowball either." Really?!?!? "Ok, well you start with a snowball (like this...), place it on the ground and roll it in the snow....(yadday yadda yadda)...and then you put on a hat, buttons and other stuff from around the house to make him look real..." He looks and me and in the most pathetic voice he says, "Wow, that sure sounds like fun"
...welcome to the South baby!

The Homer House before the kids hit and a shot off the back.

Waiting.... Ryan's first snow day!

Say AHHHHH! ........................Look out Mom, duck!

Our attempt at a snowman-it later became ammo to hit Rob in the second picture, see the grin?!

Our Snow Angels. Kevin (top) Ryan (right) Jared (bottom) also the kitties watch the fun.

On the 16th of January we had a nice surprise. While we were at swimming it started to snow. We were only supposed to get sleet so of course the kids went nuts. The Homer-Harvey clan acted like they had never even seen snow...oh, wait they haven't (the last measurable snowfall was three years ago and the last time Jared and Kevin "played" in the snow was the day after we brought Ryan home from the hospital) so we let them get down and dirty while the little girls were in swimming. I'm glad we did because the snow was gone in the morning and the munchkins were off to school. Saturday called for another round of mixed precipitation. This time they said the "S" word so we decided to get ready. We had everything out: snow bibs,, cocoa, check. The down side to all was that we had scheduled Ryan and Kiersten's birthday party at Libby Lu for 10 am. After a reschedule to next week we hunkered down to watch the snow roll in. Around 10 am the "blizzard" hit and it kept snowing for about 4 hours. I wanted to reach maximum snowfall before I release the kids outside. Finally they had enough and begged to go out. Final snowfall amount, just over one inch. But the kiddos didn't care. If we decided to scrounge up ALL of our snow we MIGHT have a chance to make a snowman, but the consensus was the throw it at each other instead. It didn't stick to the roads so Atlanta was spared-once again-from a "Storm Watch 2008".
Maybe next week...the kids can only hope!

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