Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hope Everyone has a safe and blessed Easter
He is Risen!

We woke up this morning to the house alarm going off, the children thought that their baskets may be hidden in the garage...on the other side of the security alarm. What a wonderful way to get out of bed! Kevin found his basket first, then Jared found Ryan's and the boys worked together to find Jared's. We went to 9:30 church and now we are off to Bob and Barb's for an afternoon of egg hunting, ham dinner and maybe a nap...yeah right!

Egg Decorating on Easter Eve. The kids had these cool tattoo stickers that made the critters look like they were hatching out of the egg, really nifty. I tried to get close ups but I don't think they do it justice. We had a blast and I had beautiful green fingers for church this morning. Oh well, I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Next year I'll wear gloves for this project!

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