Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Homer-Harvey's Out

Our best friends are moving up to Illinois this summer. There's not really much that I can say on the subject so I thought I would let the pictures speak for themselves.
HomerHouse YouTube link here.
As you can imagine, after almost 10 years of friendship there are a ton of cute pictures. Most of you know that Jared, Spencer & Mikayla are just three weeks apart in age. Kevin is the middle child of both families and "the girls", Ryan and Kiersten (aka KieKie), are only two weeks apart. No, we didn't "plan" things that way, but God sure did. Jennie and I started hanging out when the big kids were three months old and for the last 9+ years, rarely a day went by that we didn't see them or hear from them. It will be a big adjustment to the Homer House...

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