Monday, June 16, 2008

I said A-Boom-Chicka-Boom...

I said A-Boom-Chicka-Rocka, Chicka-Rocka, Chicka-Boom!!
Let's go Chargers!

Getting psyched up for the meet

Ryan & Paulina

Jared & Jared

Mommy & Ryan

Daddy & RyRy

The Firecracker
On your mark....
Get set....GO!
We had an awesome swim meet against Arden Lake. Jared did really well taking a 1st in 25 free, 2nd in the medley relay and the 25 fly, and 4th in the 25 back. Kevin did AWESOME, getting his first ever blue ribbon in the 25 free. He also brought home a 2nd for 25 back and a 4th in the free relay., she has turned out to be quite the fish. She did well in the 25 free, almost beating her best time with a 32.97, good for 3rd place. She blew out her best backstroke time again with a 35.16, also earning a 3rd place and she participated in the free relay for her third 3rd placement of the night. She was happy because all her ribbons were the same color...apparently we must match at all times....

Kevin's first ever blue ribbon!
I love this video, the look on his face is priceless...
Way to go Bu!!!

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