Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Meet...

Jingle Bell Classic in Dalton
Jared and Nick goofin around

The swimmers did really well today. Ryan beat 3 of her times out of 5 events. She got a DQ on her breaststroke, not sure what for yet. The big news is that she placed 14th in her 25 fly with a 31.72!! She earned 3 points for Gold with that placement. This was her last meet as a 5 year old, again she was the only one.

Jared beat two of his times, had no DQ's and he also placed in his group today. He came in 6th for his 50 breast (his favorite event) with a 53.77 and earned 13 points for Gold. I think he may have gotten a ribbon...we'll see!

Here are some pictures with the new camera. Still learning how to use it and the editing software. Good thing I have a holiday break to read up on it!

Can you find Ryan???
Coach Karen lifts Ryan up for the team meeting led by Coach Falco

Take your marks...
This is an awesome shot of Ryan and her 25 breast
Jared's ready!

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