Saturday, December 20, 2008

Up on the Housetop

Ryan can be so stinking cute sometimes. Every night she has to have someone sing to her. Usually it's mom when she's here but it falls to me the rest of the time. She started asking for Up on the Housetop and I had no problems with that, except for the fact that we've been singing it since Halloween. Then she added hand motions which are so funny, I figured they must be doing this in her class. The line with "Christmas Joys" is in my mind forever. Cute RyRy snuggled in bed, jammies on, Izzy by her size and doing the hand motions in the air---then it hits you, "...Christmas Joys!" and her face lights up and we both start giggling. It's great to have this time together. I'm happy she "makes" me do it sometimes! Enjoy the video (ignore the fact that she keeps looking at Kevin making faces at her behind me) and
take time this week to enjoy the little Christmas Joys all around us!

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