Sunday, April 26, 2009

Homer House Sports Update

Wow, what a weekend, I am one tired puppy! This weekend's swim meet had a 5:15 am wake up call. We had high hopes that Ryan would post a time in the 50 fly and make the Iron Man. Pretty cool thing for a 6 year old. We had to deck enter her so we got that all set up and ready to go. We look down to see if she was lined up, and she wasn't there....there was a mess up with the late entry and she was standing down at the other end. Rob RAN down the steps, across the pool deck, grabbed Ryan and ran back across the pool screaming, "whoa! whoa! whoa!" I'm up in the stands yelling, "wait"!...the refs heard us and let her get on the blocks. She swam great the first 25, did a two hand touch and looked like she was in the clear. Apparently she did a breast stoke pull in there somewhere and got a DQ. Oh, well. We tried. :) We had not told her (no pressure) so she had no clue. I did mention it today and she was ok with it. The other highlights were that we had an unprecedented amount of DQ's. All season we had maybe 6 DQ's from both kids...yesterday we had 5 events DQ'ed. Hmmm, Jared accomplished the rare, yet attainable, TRIPLE DQ. Yes folks, he DQ'ed on every turn in his 100 Fly. It was like watching a western movie where the guy got shot and he was "dead", but the just kept shooting him...we think he may have actually had a 4th DQ for a double kick but oh well.

As BAD as yesterday was PHENOMENAL! Jared once again set at Homer House first, he broke 5 out of 5 personal bests...every event he swam he broke his best time today! Yahoo! Not only that, he posted points for every event for a total of 37 points (unheard of from JB!!). For his 50 Free he was head to head with his buddy Anthony. It was SO close, .08 hundreds of a second...Anthony finished 6th (getting a trophy) and Jared finished 7th (no trophy). The difference...Jared coasted in and Anthony touched strong. Another learning experience. I was SO proud of the way he swam today. Pinkie had a great day as well. She broke 3 of 5 personal bests and posted 26 points (are you kidding? 26??--that's REALLY good folks). She was in a head to head against her friend Lauren and again it was within a frogs hair. If her arms were just a bit longer.... :) Her shining moment was when she was doing her 100 free, and was looking pretty tired, then all of a sudden, the last 15 yards, she turned on the juice and ended up taking 5 seconds off her time. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! She can up to us beaming and said that when she saw the flags she turned on her firecracker power..ok, whatever works! ***Just an FYI, you get 16 points for 1st, 15 for 2nd, 14 for third on down to 1 point for 16th. The points determine which swim TEAM wins the meet. Since swimming is such an individual sport, I like to let the kiddos know when they post points so that they are aware that what they do has an effect on the entire team as well.

Back home and off to soccer with Kevin. I have missed 2 games this year :( so I was very happy to see him play!! The kids were undefeated last season and so far this season. Coach put Kevin in as goalie for the 3rd quarter and he had THREE great saves. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and missed getting it on film. Bad mommy! They played great, but lost. Yes, they lost so they got a taste of reality :)

Soccer still has a few weeks left, swimming Short Course is done until Fall. We will be embarking on Long Course in a few weeks. I will take Jared to Chamblee alone (apparently they judge really hard there..ha, not like this weekend???) and Ryan, Rob and Kevin will be at the soccer fields. Ryan will have her first long course meet in June. Summer swim is here in a couple weeks. SUMMER itself is only 20 school days away!! We are so excited to have some summer fun together....


Keri said...

Oh man, no pictures of those precious dimples? Ah well... next time, right? Glad the kids have fun in their sports. Sounds so fun and exciting!

Tracey said...

the meet we were at is usually tight on space and my camera is my 4th "baby" the meet moved so fast, I wouldn't have gotten pics anyways! I'll get some good ones next time :)