Sunday, May 3, 2009

Haley Visit

Happy Haley Day!
We got to go have a visitation with Haley today, we have waited for quite a while to see this little one. I love the look on Ryan's face when Christina brought her out. This picture of her holding Haley is so precious! Can you see the excitement?!
This was the last moment that she stood still. Haley is definitely going to keep us on our toes. She has a ton of spunk and Ramsay will have one energetic playmate :). I think Ryan was a bit upset that she didn't want to sit and cuddle, but for the kittens-it was playtime!
Watching what's going on. One of the few non-blurry pictures.
She is such a beautiful kitten, it will be really neat to watch her grow!
Her eyes are still the Baby color but soon they will turn into a beautiful blue, almost like a Siamese.
Thank you Mama Christina for letting us come visit!
Just a couple more weeks and then she can come home :)


My Pirate and My Princess said...

She is precious. Ryan's face is just priceless. That has to be the cutest little thing ever!!

Keri said...

Oooooh my! Haley is such a beautiful kitten. I LOVE her coloring. Makes me want one even more than I already did. So stinkin precious! What's even more precious is your sweet baby girl Ryan! Oh, how I just love her photos and those dimples. Gotta yourself a heartbreaker! So stunning, she is.