Monday, August 3, 2009

Hook 'em Horns!

Are you ready for some football???

This picture absolutely stops me in my tracks. I need to get a picture of my dad in his football say they look alike to me would be an understatement! This summer, Kevin started football camp and will have his first game on August 29th. He is SO excited. For the past week at practice they have been practicing with no gear on. Saturday we got all his pads etc and he is ready for his first "real" practice tonight. They started working on formation and positions last week and Kevin tried for Def Tackle and Center...not sure if those will be his pertinent positions but that's what he wants to play.

learning the art of getting the helmet on and off will take some practice... well as looking up in the down pains me to watch him try and do it.

As I said, his first game is August 29th, not sure on the time. If you would like to see him play let me know and I'll get more information to you. I am quite sure there will be a few pictures afterwords if you can't make it!

Hook 'em Horns!!

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