Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kell Jamboree 2009

Kevin had his first taste of playing football today. Not practice, not a run-through, pure game play. He had four mini-games against teams that he will probably meet in the regular season. Some of these kids were HUGE. Since the teams are based on ages, there were some BIG kids on the other teams. Apparently they can play at over 100 lbs, but they just aren't allowed to be ball carriers. Hmmm, that means they are linemen up against Kevy...this should be interesting. He came home with battle wounds and plenty of stories but he's ready to get back out there! At one point he actually blocked two of these Gargantua's at once. I'm still not sure how he did it.

My camera battery died so I only have a few pictures but it's fine because it was H.O.T. out there and I was glad to just watch. Here are some pictures I did manage to get. First game is the 29th...we are SO excited! :)

Kevin is the first string Center, second string OT, and first string DT

Post game trying to cool down

Here's Kevin playing as Offensive Tackle (he's the second one in on the line). In this shot he does pretty time I'll get more footage. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, i know your son Jared he gose to chalker we were in the same class we're on the same bus. That would be bus 5.My name would be Vanessa. Just ask him ya he knows.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jared was in mrs.Taylors 4th gread class last year i'm in mrs.farrell this year. This is the same person from above.