Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Georgia State Games

What an awesome way to end our swim season. The kids swim from August through June and Kevin joins up for summer swim in May and June. I can't even imagine how tired they are of the sport by the time vacation rolls around! A few years ago Jared wanted to head back to the condo while we were at the pool. I asked why he wanted to sit inside on such a pretty day and play video games... his response? "hanging out at the pool isn't my idea of a break". Touche, young grasshopper :)
This year in Gold had so many mile stones. Jared's first state cuts, Ryan moving to silver from bronze, and making some great new friends for both kids. It's hard to sit at a meet for 8 hours with just your sister to hang out with! :) Summer means long course meets, summer swim team for Chestnut hill and Georgia State Games.
Long course went well, Jared swam two meets and Ryan swam one. Pinkie got a high point trophy for the Swim with Dad in Jonesboro last weekend. Forgive the lack of pictures, the air was out and it was close to a sweat lodge spiritual experience in the pool. I decided to leave the camera alone and concentrate on breathing! Anyways, Ryan got a 9th place overall for the 8 and under girls. Awesome. I hope she will do will next year, I'm sure she will, she's already close to the top of the pack and she has a year and a half in this age group. :) Jared on the other hand has his work cut out for him. Aging up to the 11-12's is a HUGE drop in times. I expect he will have a rough go of it for the next few months. We shall see. :)
I'm looking forward to blogging about Kevin after we get home from the beach. He starts right into football practice in July. Rob will be one of his coaches so that will be a new experience for the HomerHouse. I'm excited because with Rob coaching, he is in charge of getting Kevin to the field, one less carpool for me to lose track of! :) Maybe Kevin will get a skill position? Full back perhaps?

Here's some photos of the Ga Games-our last swim until OCTOBER!! Ahhhhhhh :)
Ryan swept her events and got all gold medals and Jared got 4 Bronze, a Gold and a 5th place ribbon. Fantastic!

racing during warm ups

coach "mom" gives the warm up orders today

ready for her first event

Great job guys!!!

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