Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little boy blue

I've been blogging a bunch about the swimmers recently. Not much has been going on with Kevin since wrestling ended. He will start football as soon as we get home from the beach, he can't wait to get out on the field. Until then he has picked up a new hobby, the trumpet.

Jared went for middle school orientation a few weeks back. We were discussing all his options-band or orchestra-which instrument etc. We already have an electric guitar, two acoustic guitars, and a full set of drums. Jared decided the violin was right for him. Good thing Rick gave me one for Christmas many moons ago. One of my favorite gifts ever and now Jared will use it in 6th grade. :)

While we were deciding what to do for the eldest, Kevin was contemplating the trumpet. Grandfather, Uncle Ricky and cousin Cal all play the trumpet. Uncle Ricky also has a french horn. I think there is a band at Chalker in 5th grade, not sure if it is for 4th grade as well. We will see in the Fall. We placed a call to Grandfather to see if he had another horn sitting around. In deed there was and Kevin couldn't wait to get his hands on it. I went to work the first day he had it and by the time I came home he had figured out how to play hot crossed buns and another "song" that I couldn't quite put a finger on.

Since Kev is kind of in the jet wash of summer swim flurry I asked if he could go to "Camp Gran" for a few days to get some extra lovin. Kev was exstatic! He learned and practiced the scales and by the time I saw him a few days later I was amazed with how well he was doing. He stayed at the lake and I will see him tomorrow. He's been with Uncle Ricky and Grandfather so I know they had some playing time in there. I'm glad he found something to make his heart happy. :)

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