Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Total Eclipse of the...moon :)

I love that song, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler....Ryan loves the movie Eclipse (she's on team Edward ;)) and Jared loves lunar eclipses. I got an email from my dad that there would be an eclipse that night. Not that big a deal they happen quite often, just not always in the northern hemisphere. What was cool was that it was happening on the winter solstice. Not long after I got a call from Rob that the Tellus museum in Cartersville (about 25 minutes from here) was having an all night-"Night at the Museum" kind of thing in honor of the event. Rick happened to be in town so I asked him if he wanted to go on a field trip to see the eclipse. He was game, Jared was stoked and I was picked to be the driver. We headed out around 1am to partly cloudy skies. When we got there the clouds were thickening and by the time we got our tickets the moon was gone. No worries, they had live feed from Florida so we still got to see it, kind of. We had fun walking around the museum past hours, sitting in the theatre for the Q & A session and going out to check the skies in the big observatory on the campus. Hey we even made the 11-Alive news...well a glimpse of the back of Rick and Jared's head made the news. :) We tried to do a goober in the back ground shot but they must have edited us out. The guy in the black shirt was where we were standing. Guess they didn't appreciate our 4 am humor. ;)

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