Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

MERRY CHRISTmas 2010!!!

our 2010 photo card

time for stockings, the kids got stuff from all over the world, that Santa guy sure does travel alot!

shortly after we finished opening gifts, it started to snow. Guess who was the 1st out to play? ;)

Time to warm up with some of Rob's home brew. Like the glasses he got from mom and dad for Christmas? ;) Now, "I'll have a beer" takes on a whole new meaning...

The kids finally got on their extended deep sea diving gear and ventured outside. I took a picture of the snowman they built with Grammy but it didn't come out very well...

...see what I mean? white on white. reminds me of a Carvel cake mom ordered once. :)

Haley decided this snow stuff looked kind of neat... could see the yummy birds really well! Just kidding. I took this picture because Grandma Lou always loved Cardinals.
It was a fantastic day with our family. We were able to have a white Christmas, first in Atlanta since the 1800's. We all ate, and ate, and ate. We also got to warm up with my new Keurig machine. Made making hot cocoa by the gallon very easy!

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