Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring String Jamboree

Jared decided to throw the violin onto his plate of things to do. He really picked it up fast and he seems to really enjoy it. I love the fact that he is using my old violin that I never learned how to play. I decided to chaperon the field trip over to JJ Daniel (Rob's old Middle School) and boy was that an eye opener. I know that we have exceptionally good kids and I am thankful everyday but to see some really snarky pre-teen kids REALLY made me appreciate our three wonderful children. I enjoyed my time served to the Palmer Orchestra but I was glad to get home to my rotten little monkey urchins.

Part of the fun of being there 2 hours early was that I got to watch everything unfold from one middle school group to six local schools. It was a wonder to watch everything come together and actually sound like music when the kids literally ran through each piece once before showtime.

By the time the actual concert started my battery was on it's last leg. I zoom in on the first video so you can see we are right in front of Jared just on the front of the "stage" where he is way in the back. You can always go to: thehomerhouse You Tube channel to view in non blurry full screen

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