Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break 2011

So here we are, I am all caught up on chores, sorting the stuff for the FFL garage sale next week and blogging is current.

We started the week by going up to Hartwell. No burning this time, just fishing for the Bu. The last few times we have been up there the weather has been less than stellar and we wanted to make sure he got a chance to fish. Saturday was WINDY as was Sunday and Monday. Didn't stop the boys from getting out and wetting a line. No luck.

Sunday was a bit less sunny out so we hit the movies in the afternoon, HOP for everyone except Lars and Rob, they went to see Source Code. Each group like their flick and we made it home in time for a sun set cruise. I caught my first EVER bass, the only fish seen all weekend. Poor Bu, all he wanted was a Garr like he had seen on River Monsters. That night we finished up the duck tape creations that we had started in the morning. Hair bows, flip flops and wallets for the boys were on the list of items made. Don't forget all the flowers that we made with the sticky substance. The swimmers have all gotten into using duck tape as a great art medium...Ryan can't wait to wear her shoes to the pool.

Monday was more fishing, horseshoes and hair cuts. I have to say I could pay a ton and get the same cut, my mom should go into business...
Tuesday the kids each had a dentist appointment. Ryan had a small cavity that needed to be sanded out. Apparently she only has 2 of her 6 year molars. Her front teeth are no where near the surface, looks like they might come in at Christmas after all. A round of ice cream for everyone (hey, it is Spring Break!)
Wednesday we spent the day getting ready for the garage sale. Each day we cleaned out different areas of the house. Today was basement and bed rooms. YAY de-clutter. Thursday was more of the same, just kitchen and closets. Each night we went to a park, Wednesday was the soccer fields and Thursday was JJ Biello. Had to get out and play just a bit.
Friday was play day. If it stood still this week it was either washed (laundry), cleaned or donated. A morning of blogging was on my agenda but the kids played with forts and hung out together. I LOVE when they play nice! Soul Surfer at the theater for the girls and I let the boys go see Diary of a Wimpy kid. We tried out this new Fro-Yo place called Menchies, played at the toy store and when dad got home had dinner out and another park-the castle playground at 1st Baptist. Super fun end to a great week-won't be long and we will be out for SUMMER!!! YAY!

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