Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Recap

I started the month by telling the kids to enjoy April cause before we know it, it will be summer. April and May FLY by in the Homerhouse. I am now sitting here in my bathing suit the 2nd week of June catching up from a crazy 6 weeks...

The weekend of the 15-16th we had our 8th annual Spring Garage Sale for the Relay for Life. We raised around $1,000. Not bad, I can deal with making $500 a day :) That Sunday we went to Chattanooga for Jared's birthday present, the Tennessee Aquarium with Justin and Anthony. I have about 160 pics from the day so I will post that separate.

The next weekend was Easter at the lake. The weather was beautiful and the service was great. I really enjoyed hearing the trumpets (Daddy and Rick)...maybe next year Kevin will join in. He is looking forward to taking up the trumpet in the Fall. :)

The next weekend was a Girls Weekend in Orlando. Rob gave me a trip for my 35th birthday to head down to Ft. Myers to see my girlfriend Eva. She grabbed me at the airport and we drove on up to Orlando to stay with my high school girlfriend Staci. The tow girls had never met before but you would never know it-we all had such a great time. Friday after we hung out for a bit we got all dolled up and went to dinner at Ohana, the BEST dinner place on Disney property. I have never seen (or eaten) so much food. We laughed until we cried almost every moment of the evening, what fun! Saturday we hit the parks. Staci works at EPCOT so we we lucky to get a ticket to get into the Park (THANKS STACE!!). We walked into Epcot from the boardwalk ( I had never been back there) and spent about half the day in EPCOT. I got the kids treats there, including Duffy. Duffy needs his own post...long story short, Duff is like Flat Stanley and the "Girls gone wild" spent the day walking around Epcot with our teddy taking pictures. :) Oh yeah, we are wild ones! The plan was to get the pictures developed and put into an album for Ryan. We spent the other half of the day in MGM, so much fun and I even rode the roller coaster. EEEK! Sunday I taught the girls how to geocache...after a morning at downtown Disney. I think they are both hooked :) What a great time. Eva and I said goodbye to Staci Sunday night and drove home to Cape Coral, I had a flight out Monday at 1 pm. How I hated to I had Relay breathing down my neck.

Speaking if Relay, that was the following weekend. I will post on that next but we really did well. I was worried that we wouldn't have enough help, but everything worked out just fine. We raised a few thousand dollars the night of and ran out of pizzas three times. The new balloo-min-aries were a HIT, so great!

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