Monday, May 2, 2011

Jared's Birthday Field Trip

Jared's Birthday Field trip 2011. All our boy wanted was to see the penguins, not the ones at the Georgia Aquarium down the street, the ones in Tennessee. Well, you only turn 12 once so we packed up with the kids plus Justin and Anthony. We had a GREAT day!!

First stop was the touch tank

The next visit was to the butterfly room. I think Ryan could have stayed in there ALL day. Butterfly Ry was like the butterfly whisperer. They LOVED her.

Kevin was getting SO frustrated because they would not land on him. He tried so hard to "hold" a butterfly. Ryan got one to land on her finger and shared with her bubby...

My personal favorite ;)

This picture absolutely cracks me up. I love Kevin's face :)

I forgot this ones name, yes I did know it for a while...I learned it during the up close Penguin encounter that we were able to go on...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED!!

So happy to be with his friends and hanging out with penguins. I think the day was everything he dreamed it would be. We got to observe the penguins with about 8 other kids. It was a great way to ask questions, watch up close and learn more about my boys favorite animal

I love this shot of the sea horse

sea dragon, so beautiful!

We did both aquarium buildings, two animal encounters (the penguin encounter and all about sharks), we saw the IMAX move about African Elephants and Orangutan monkeys in the wild. We indulged on Ben & Jerry's and totally enjoyed our Tennessee day.

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