Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

The Homerhouse decided to go on a road trip this year. I got a call from RCI in September that we had a week in space bank that we had to use or we would lose it. We had already paid to keep it in the bank and figured why not try and take a trip down to Orlando. It had been two years since we went as a family. Seeing as I had my hours cut back at work we decided to go as cheap as we could. We cashed in Delta points for gift cards, Coke points for gas cards and hotel points for restaurant coupons. All in all we spent about $400 out of pocket for a 9 day trip for 5. Not bad! Can I get on one of those coupon shows??

The first day we drove in and hit Disney Quest. As we left downtown Disney Rob ran up to customer service to see if we were finished with our no expiration tickets. By my calculation we had used up all of our tickets. Apparently not. We had one day left over so we decided to plan on a water park for Tuesday.

Sunday was Downtown Disney, visit with our Disney Gypsy Staci and dinner at my cousin's. Thank you Nave's for a wonderful dinner and chance to get caught up before #2 arrives! :D

Monday was Harry Potter at Universal, so first things first.

I cannot begin to describe how wonderful Hogwarts and Hogsmeade is. There are no words for Harry Potter fans. The kids loved it and so did I. The boys read the entire series this Fall so they really could take it all in. Ryan has seen all the movies so she enjoyed it as well. I...would move there ;)

Tuesday was the water park and we had the best weather of the week, we picked a good day. I even rode some rides. ;)

Wednesday was back to Universal, but we hit a snag. The HULK ate Kevin's glasses. Poor Bu was so upset. On the bright side he was due for new ones anyways. We did leave a bit early to meet up with Stace again. We enjoyed some Disney Pixie dust and headed home for a quick sleep.

Thursday we were right back at the park for opening. We drive those poor kids like mules. They will be so happy to get back to school after a theme park trip! We scooted out again early to visit one last time with Staci before leaving.

Friday was a LONG day that the parks, open to close and we squeezed as much as we could get into the day. Including, but not limited to, a near dislocation of Ryan's shoulder from a whozshamadoodle on the Dr. Seuss merry go round, an out of body experience for me on the Doctor Doom Fear Fall and a probable broken rib for Rob on Jurassic Park. All in a day's fun!! :D

Saturday we got up bright and early and headed over to Palm Coast to visit with my Aunt and Uncle. We had a blast at the pool, on our nature hunt and just hanging out in the theater of their condo building. I really did not want to leave on Sunday. Traffic was looming before us so we got an early start. It was sad to leave the sunshine state but we know we will be back soon!! :D

Jared in front of his most favoritest eatery-Blondies

Rob's favorite part-Jurassic Park....well it was until he met his demise on the straight down drop.

The Homerhouse 2011

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