Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time Warp

Where does the time go!? I am so thankful that I take the time to jot down notes every few months on what is going on with the Homerhouse. These kids just keep growing so, so fast. It seems like yesterday we were cheering for first smiles, steps and lost teeth. We are moving on to new firsts like middle school, band and sports accomplishments. Looming in my future are first dates and driving lessons. I am NOT ready to have a teenager in my house. Not that Jared isn't a great kid, it's just the marking of a new chapter in our lives. Some days I wish I could slow down time and some days I would like to hit the fast forward button. For better or worse I am glad to be getting all of this written down somewhere. My scrapbooks are about 80% complete and I will, someday, complete the one I have started. Until then my blog will have to be the bridge to then and now. Its just so much easier to sit at the computer for 5 minutes than to pull out all of my scrap booking stuff. I'll save that for when I need something to do when the kids have left home ;). Until then my schedule is packed tight with church, school and sports stuff for the kids. That won't last forever so I will take it while I have it...crazy as it may be.

On reason for the melancholy post is the attached picture. You never notice how quick the time passes with the little everyday things we deal with. We got to see our best friends this Christmas that we haven't seen in a long time. I was amazed with how much everything had changed yet had remained the same. Seeing someone everyday you don't notice the little things...I'm glad I have the pictures to remember them even if I don't see them happening.

The growing weeds: Tommy, Spencer, Mikayla, Tabitha, Jared, Kevin,Kiersten, Ryan

Back a lifetime ago at Joe's Crab proud of each of these little urchins and the wonderful young people they are blossoming in to!!

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