Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gold Banquet 2012

Time for the annual GOLD banquet.  This year they had the banquet on two different nights, both the week of relay.  Our friend Eva offered to take Pinkie to hers since I was getting ready for the ACS and Rob was out of town.   Jared's banquet was the next day (Relay Friday) so I didn't get any pics of him since I was at the track.  He and Rob joined us as soon as it was over.
 They both looked so pretty, I had to go with the goofy picture!
 Coach K and "her" Pinkie.  For those that are not aware, Karen is the one who bestowed the nickname on my girl.
 Pink and "her" coach Falco.  She's waited a long time to swim for him... here for a 5 year time warp ;)
 Coach Ashlea and Fransisco...fantastic coaches (and friends) that are helping to make my girl such a dynamic little fish.
WOOHOO Iron Man 2012 Way to go Girl :D

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