Saturday, May 5, 2012

Party time Lucky #13

I can. not. believe. that I have a 13 year old.  I do have to say that he was much more snarky last year then now.  This year he is much more fun to hang out with.  I am really enjoying my time with him-I believe he's a really cool kid. :D This was his attempt at looking cool. I think he just looks annoyed ;)

For his birthday party I decided to go retro throwback to all the parties of the past.  We had Thomas the tank, Curious George, Sesame Street, Toy Story, Spiderman etc.  It was super fun to try and embarrass him...problem was that he LOVED it.  Go figure. 

 So here is his krewe: Kevin sitting up at the counter with his buddy Evan, who is getting a noogie from his brother Jordan.  Josh is in the front with the orange shirt, Hannah with the blue, Anthony is behind Hannah, Jared and Landon. Not sure where Ryan is for the pic but she was there too.

Being so busy with sports all he wanted was a get together at the house all day with his buds.  They had a blast playing video games, football, ping pong and minecraft.  So glad that we got to take some time to hang with his peeps before the end of school rush, relay and summer swim team hits.

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