Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good News comes in Three's

So I got a call this morning from our dentist. Kevin had entered a contest to win a laptop computer. The theme was to Do a Good Deed and write an essay about it. Kevin wrote about how he and the other kids held a bake sale during our garage sale and that all the money from both events was going to the ACS. We submitted the entry months ago and we have been waiting to hear back. Last week when the boys were on the computer, the "You've won a FREE laptop" pop up came on the screen. Jared started screaming that Kevin had won the contest at the dentist. I had to burst their bubble and also have a talk about why we don't click on the pop up's. So this morning "the call" finally came. He got third place and will still receive an award. He thinks it will be a key chain...I had to laugh at that. So the AJC will be out to take pictures and all that stuff so stay posted for updates. As I am waiting for the bus this afternoon with this wonderful information in my back pocket, he gets off the bus telling me "he got a note from school". We are all aware of Kevin's behavior issues so my heart kind of sinks a little. Well, no worries, the note was a request to test him for Target. Jared got one too so I was extra thrilled. I was happy for Kevin because then maybe he can work out some of his behavior issues if he's kept too busy to misbehave. And I was happy for Jared since quite a few of his friends are in the program. Rob and I both missed by a couple of points, as did Jared in first grade. I'm not expecting much, but the boys are happy about it. Stay tuned...

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