Friday, November 9, 2007

Qweezy and Weezy

Karen is one of my best friends, we are neighbors, we work in adjoining classrooms at the preschool and she is on my Relay team. That's what we each other. This past year had been EXTREMELY hard for both our families, but we helped each other get through. Please take the time to look at this website. I know I always talk about the American Cancer Society, but without these wonderful Children's Hospitals, my job with Relay would be even harder. wrote:
I'm thinking of sending this out to people I you think it's too pushy asking for donations? Be honest!

Today, Friday November 9th, is the one year anniversary of Michael's surgery at Egleston Hospital.

One year ago today, we sent our son into surgery with him bravely fighting back tears...

One year ago today, we spent hours in the Waiting Room waiting for news about our son...

One year ago today, Michael woke up from surgery with ½ of his face almost completely paralyzed...

Today, one year later, because of the excellent doctors, nurses and medical equipment at Egleston, he will be playing in a tennis doubt with a smile on his face from EAR TO EAR!

Our local radio station Star 94 is holding a radio telethon this weekend benefiting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (Scottish Rite and Egleston Hospitals). Children's Healthcare is a non-profit organization relying heavily on donations from people like us. Please consider making a donation---even a gift of $5 will go a long way to help Children's Healthcare continue to provide the expert medical care to seriously ill children. Last year, Star 94 raised over 1 million dollars!!!

You can access the Star 94 website through the link below.

Just click on box "Star 94 Cares for Kids". Scott and I are selecting the option to donate in honor of our hero---Michael Tarbell.

Turn on Star 94 this weekend and listen to some of the stories from the parents and children who are so bravely battling life-threatening illnesses. It will make the day to day challenges that we face with our children seem not quite so overwhelming.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested in donating! Thanks! Karen and Scott Tarbell

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