Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Science Fair 2007

Well the boys worked really hard this year and they finished their projects tonight. Kevin's presentation is on Thursday and Jared's is on Friday. Kevin's work is entitled SHARK BITE and he researched shark teeth. He wanted to do this after catching a shark this summer on uncle Ricky's boat. He and Rick dissected the shark and took out the jaws. He also bought a pack of fossilized teeth at the gift shop this summer. Using his shark magazines and umpteen shark books- he listed a bunch of new facts about sharks and their teeth. Pretty cool. A HUGE thank you to mom and dad for scanning in pictures of sharks for us!!! UPDATE:Kevin didn't place but the competition was tough, 17 entries in his grade. He said he'll do it again next year. Great attitude Kevy!

Jared's was a tad more complex. He insisted on doing an invention...big shock since he wants to be an inventor...he came up with a way to mark his swim goggles so that his name won't come off in the water. He is SO forgetful and is always losing something and goggles are $15 a pair...not cheap...and he needs them to compete now. His is entitled AQUATAGS and he even has them packaged up. His first set of three tags is going to Spencer and Mikayla since they helped him test his prototypes...he plans on selling them this summer at the swim meets...UPDATE: Jared got 3rd place, that's three years in a row he got 3rd place, great job Jarebear!!

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