Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Disney 08--Day 1:Epcot

We got to the park bright and early, in time to open the park. After a 10-9-8 countdown we trampled into the wonders of Epcot. We rushed off to the back section where the longest lines are. But they roped off this area until the official 9 am opening time-but they did bring out some characters for the kids to see. We had a front row of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip & Dale, and GOOFY!! Lots of pics and then another 10-9-8...off to Test Track! Ryan was crying- saying she was scared- but we all know our little zip line queen and test track would be a breeze. After much consulting from Daddy and the brudders she decided to go...and LOVED it. She wanted to ride it over and over again...We managed to hit all the rides, even the big hitters (with the help of fast passes) and Ryan was able to go on everything this time. She had a blast! This is the boys favorite of the Disney parks so there would be no question that they would be happy. We decided to head over to the countries for food and Rob happened to spot Donald in the back corner. Jared was so excited to get his new Donald hat autographed by the Big D himself. The weather was phenomenal and the the day was awesome!


Hi Minnie!

Look at the happy faces...even Ryan

Group shot at snack time

Oh wow! It's Donald, smile!

Ryan with The Mouse.

What a beautiful day...

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