Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Disney 08--Day 2:Magic Kingdom/Universal

The Boys went to Universal and the ladies went to the Magic Kingdom for the next two days. Kevin had his camera along so when I find the cord for that I can download his pictures and upload to the blog page. They had an awesome time on all the "big" kid rides. Ryan was happy to just be in the fairytale and I was too. Gran went along for the ride and we all had a blast. The weather the second day wasn't the best, but after a quick ride around the park on the train with a warning call to the boys that it was on the way...the storm passed and we were able to enjoy a much less crowded park. We most most of the rides in the Magic Kingdom, some MORE then once...Gran holds high score in Buzz Lightyear this time...Ryan loved the Barnstormer roller coaster...I loved the Philharmagic and we all loved the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ryan on the monorail going to the Magic Kingdom. In the chair at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.

She loved the rides in the teacups, Gran not so much...Meeting Sleeping Beauty was awesome!

Smile Cinderella! Ariel thought that Ryan looked just like her as a girl, she even had the "jellyfish" hairdo...
A quick picture with Donald for Jared. Mickey Mouse looked right at me, (at ME!) during the parade down Main Street.

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