Sunday, October 19, 2008

Corn Maze 2008

"Today we went to Carlton Farms
First we went to the corn cannon and dad hit the bucket but didn't get it in. If he got it in he would have gotten a free tee-shirt.
Then we went to the one way maze (you could only make right turns-NO LEFT TURNS, GRAN).
After that we went to the second mini-maze which was not one way.
We got to go play with the ducks and have duck races.
We visited the petting zoo after that.
Finally it was time for the corn maze. We got to all the bases but the 10th hole puncher did not work.
When we got out we went to the hayride and got to feed the cows by hand.
Then we went to get some cheese and milk, then went to the ticket booth and got prizes for finishing the maze.
We came home and had ribs for dinner and FRESH-JUST MILKED-milk with brownies."--Jared

"This video was produced, edited and composed by Jared Homer. Great job little man."

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