Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gold Invite October 11th-12th

Well, this was a crazy busy weekend for the entire Homer house. Saturday the alarm went off at 5:30 am to get Jared and Ryan to warm ups for the first Gold swim meet of the year. This was Ryan's first Gold meet. Kevin had a soccer game at 10:30 (thanks Grammy and Pop Pop for being there for him) where he was goalie and did great! Grandfather pulled double duty and saw all three at sports. After the meet Tracey, Jared and Gran then headed off to the Bartow's early for pictures and finalizing wedding plans. The rest of the group followed for a beautiful back yard wedding at 5:00. Sunday the alarm went off again at 5:30 but we were done by noon.

Jared did really well considering he aged up for this meet. Ryan did more then we could have asked of her. In her 50 Free she beat all of the 5 year olds and all but one of the 6 year olds...that's girls AND boys...
Jared placed in 1 event out of 8 and Ryan was in the 40's out of 50 something entrants but that included some kids that were almost 9 years old...they did not have a 6 and under division, only 8 and under. The saying, "run with the big dogs or stay on the porch"...no one told her that she wasn't a big dog and she stepped up to the challenge. It will be fun to watch her grow into her sport.


**add on**-Coach Karen came up to me at practice today and said that I needed to watch Ryan. I asked her what she did now and she replied, "all the coaches at the meet would see her get on the blocks and 'awwww' in unison". I laughed because when I was editing the movie I could see the coaches doing just that in the background of her videos. You can still see it in her first event (the 50 free where she is in lane 9 close to the coaches table). Coach K said that we shouldn't be surprised if she ends up in Dalton, Columbus, LaGrange etc, they all thought she was so cute. What we love is that she is having a great time, she's making friends and she feels great about herself...

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