Monday, October 6, 2008

Where have we been?

So the past couple weeks have been crazy busy with sports, Relay and work. I have been working more at the preschool as a sub then when I had a staff position. It's nice to have the paycheck, but it's hard to plan ahead.

In September we had our "Wrap Up-Charge Up" for the American Cancer Society. I only have one more year left as Chair (215 days to be exact) and then I can go back to just being the team captain and Steering committee member. While I was up speaking I asked Jennie's sister Angie to take some photos of the evening. Most of them were of the awards presentation but this one is the best!

Aside from sports with the kids we have been hanging around the house. Mainly getting ready for the garage sale, but also to just chill out and recoop from a busy week. We found our Halloween costumes last weekend and have just been enjoying time with the kids (and cats). We discovered that if we put Ramsay's harness on he rolls over and plays dead. Kind of a cool trick for a cat. Maybe I'll post the video---once I stop laughing. Here's a good picture of our behemoth boy.

We were driving home from church yesterday and Rob asked what I wanted for dinner. I love his chili but it's not quite cold enough outside yet (it was in the high 70's yesterday). To my surprise he bought the stuff at the grocery and before long the house smelled and looked like fall. The Halloween decorations are up, the garage sale is over, we spent the day hanging with the kids and the smell of chili was in the air. It was a great day! We asked Bob and Barb to come over to join us for dinner. Barb brought bread and the kids insisted on helping...I thought they looked so cute in their aprons...

Before we know it-Halloween will be here- the kids are super excited. The costumes are a hoot and when Jared's comes in the mail we may have a fashion show for the blog.

Happy Fall Y'All!

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