Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thanks for the Ride!

We decided to take the training wheels off of the kid's bikes over the Christmas break. My parents and my brother each put up a $10 incentive for the first one to figure it out. Ryan was the first one out there, ready to go. She rides a lot so she had a good shot at "winning". Kevin followed shortly thereafter and really was close. Jared decided that the house was lonely and decided to give it a whirl about 30 minutes into it. Right around the time Jared came outside, Kevin got it. Not stable, but he just needed to tweak it a bit. Ryan and Jared tried and tried and tried. They didn't quite get it before it got dark.

The next afternoon my folks and Rick went to the store. While they were gone we decided to give it another shot. Especially since Ryan was determined to get her "30 bucks". Guess no one told her it was the first person to get the hang of it...she was bound and determined to beat Jared. In the 5 minutes it took me to grab a sweatshirt and my shoes, she got it. Really, she was off like a shot. Something clicked and she was gone. Jared came out with me, scratched his head at his sister's remarkable improvement and decided to give it another go. He had it within a few minutes and they spent the next couple hours honing in on their mad biking skills. We decided to "trick" my mom and dad and we all ran back into the house and sat where we were when they left a few hours before. As expected my dad made a comment to the effect of, "have you guys even moved?!?!" Ryan was able to convince Gran to come outside even though it was really close to dark and dinner was not going to make itself. The look on her face was priceless. I'm talking about Ryan's, my moms was memorable too, but RyRy was SO proud of herself, she just giggled and giggled. Not only did she trick Gran, she beat Jared to the 30 bucks! Enjoy the video and Happy New Year!

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